A graphic of plotted points representing Risk being mitigated.

Risk Management Services

Turning Information into actionably Intelligence.

The sustainability of an Insurance Product demands evidence-based decision making.

Using a product-specific custom OSINT Frameworks, combined with decades of experience in the Entertainment Industry, Guaranteed Completions is turning Information into actionable Intelligence Reports, thereby providing decision support for Underwriting and for Claims Handling.

Guaranteed Completions offers additional Services for ongoing or interrupted Productions

  • Understanding why your Producer asks for excess costs / additional funds
  • Production-related Accounting Audits
  • Fraud Detection in Production Structures and Cost-Reports

The world of film, television and media financing continues to be more complex and has a larger global reach each year. This requires a sophisticated Insurance package with its own Risk Management for these multinational Productions.

Guaranteed Completions provides these Risk Management Services for the Insurers throughout the life of the Risk of a Production through to Delivery, Payment of Receivables or until Off-Risk.

The available expertise extends not only to the traditional markets of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but also to emerging markets.