Learn more about Guaranteed Completions

Guaranteed Completions (GC) is a German Risk Management Service Provider for Insurers.

These Insurers offer a unified Film and Media Insurance package, containing Insurances relevant to today's global Media Market.

Modern Times require Modern Methods, so this Insurance package is set to change how the business is done.

Let’s embrace this changing landscape together.

Guaranteed Completions' Core Team

Michaela Rothmund
Senior Production Executive

Boris-Alexander Grönemeyer
Head of Technical and Digital Risk Management

Veronika Stalz
Head of Controlling

Brehm & v. Moers / Dr. Till Neumann

The Risk Management Team

  • Expertise on a global basis alongside a depth of knowledge by GC’s Risk Management Team.
  • Senior Production Executive Michaela Rothmund has more than twenty years experience as a Senior Manager for several European Completion Bond and FPI Service Providers.
  • Michaela, and her Risk Management Team have been handling productions valued at over 500M€.
  • The Risk Management Team has significant knowledge of the Financing and Subsidy structures for European Co-Productions in Film and for TV Series.

The Insurance Setup

Completion Bond Insurance Setup - Insurance Broker: Kerry London and We Insure - Insurance Policy for Completion Bond and Media Credit Insurance- Insurer Munich Re and a Panel of Insurers - Risk Management by Guaranteed Completions